Rob Chapman


My name is Rob Chapman. I'm a cybersecurity professional and technology generalist. I've worked with a lot of technology including tons of academic technology, enterprise ERP, BI, audiovisual, and more. I currently live in Columbia, TN and work in Nashville, TN.


I do cybersecurity among a bunch of other things.


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If you are in need of short term consulting and would like my help please feel free to reach out for availability. I'm available to consult on a number of topics. I've had the opportunity to be a part and lead a number of projects across the technology landscape. Sometimes you just need someone to help validate what you're doing or sanity check your work. Sometimes you need someone to be the prophet to your company that you can't be. I've been on both sides of that table and I'm happy to help. Below are a list of things I'm happy to help with. These include but are not limited to the list below. If you don't see something here just ask.